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Services of OHYA Corporation

OHYA Corporation has its head office and motor pools in convenient areas in a subcenter of Tokyo. We provide our service across Japan.

Because OHYA Corporation's head office and motor pools are located in convenient areas in a Tokyo subcenter, we can offer you better proposals, plans and construction works for, among others, the crane works, etc. carried out by you in a variety of sites. In addition, because the time needed for transporting cranes and other machines to the worksites in Tokyo and its neighboring prefectures is shorter, you can save the fuel cost for transportation, personnel expenses and time. In particular, you can realize reduction in transportation cost for large-sized cranes.

Please contact us for the transportation of large-sized cranes to all areas in Japan.

Customer satisfaction

Aiming at becoming a leader in the industry, OHYA Corporation will exert its ingenuity considering how to achieve this goal and regarding customer satisfaction and trust as most important.


  • OHYA Corporation owns a variety of rough terrain cranes ranging from 10TR/C to 70TR/C, especially a large number of 25TR/C cranes, which are a very frequently used model. Therefore, we can meet all demand and needs in the worksite (We own 10 SL-650R cranes, too).
  • We own several types of large-sized hydraulic cranes and can meet various needs of the work.
    * For each type of cranes, we can conduct work for mounting various kinds of attachments, such as jibs, on the crane.
  • We have already introduced the detachable lifters for all-terrain cranes (latest model: CL-500).
    We can assemble and disassemble large-sized heavy machines for transportation purposes safely even in a place with a narrow width.
    * By getting an approval for road use, we can conduct work even in a small area where it was once considered impossible to conduct any work (we are qualified to get this approval).
  • We own a large number of vehicles for transportation, including trucks, trailers and Unic crane trucks and always strive to offer the vehicles most suited to the condition of the worksite and customer needs.
  • We have many gondolas mountable on a crane (commonly known as SKYBOX), allowing us to conduct works in higher places.
    (These gondolas can be mounted at the end of the jib of all terrain cranes ranging from 25TR/C to large-sized 200T (maximum height: 80m).

Communication with the community

OHYA Corporation offers rough terrain cranes to the community events held in elementary schools in an attempt to give people and children in the community the opportunity to feel familiar with our business.

130 schoolchildren in the community and our crane had a tug of war. Who won? The children got an overwhelming victory over the crane!